If you’re looking for high quality LED products, you’ve come to the right place. At Marine and Off-Grid LED's we’ll give you the most advanced and cutting edge LED products. 

We offer the best in Pleasure and Commercial Marine and RV LED Lighting. Our prices are competitive, with no hidden fees. 

Marine and Offgrid LED's has been located in Seattle since  2009. Let us put our experience to work for you.

We offer the newest generation of LED technology.  We have implemented the New VHO 25 x 38 state of the art Surface Mount Diodes into many of our new products.  This new technology produces 100+ lumens per watt. 

Other features including 8-30 volt switchable color LED's for white/red applications in 16 SMD 50 x 50 disc.  New Dimmable 56 x 30 mm, 8-30 volt DC G4 LED's.  

Wholesale and Distributor Inquires are welcome.

​Bi Color Deck Lamp
Exceeds USCG Regs.
New 50% Brighter 
56 x 30 Dimmable G4
 Marine LED's
New LED's with Custom Multiple Base Options
New VHO 28 x 35 SMD's @ 100+ Lumens per Watt
New Generation 56 x 30 SMD Chips

Bayonet Base
Chart Lamps
Bayonet Plate Replacement.
New 25x38 G4
Tower Lamps
New Wedge 
New 10-30 Volt LED Spot/Flood Work Lamps
From 36 to 216 watts.  With 3 watt US Made Cree LED's
Power: 50w (2 rows) 10 pcs. of 5 watt CREE LED's
Voltage: 10-30v DC.  Intensity:  4,800 lumens           Size: 7,50 x 7.25 x 7.25 inches.  Color Temp:  6000K
Body:  6061 Aluminum Alloy.
Mounting Brackets:  Stainless Steel. 
Waterproof:  IP67.  Beam:  Spot.
Remote:  360º Right, Left.  120º Up, Down.

New 8-30 Volt Dimmable G4 Yacht Lamps
   All Dimmable 8-30 volt 5630 G4 Lamps work with our standard Dimmer,            with 12 Button Remote Controller and our new WiFi Dimmer.

   All our G4 5630 lamps use heavier contact pins and a support block to              eliminate vibration damage and grounding.

   Our G4 5630 18 smd Tower Lamps produce 340 Lumens @ 3.4 watts.

   Our G4 5630 12 smd Disc and Tower Lamps produce 270 Lumens 
   @ 2.9 watts.

   Colors: Warm White, 3000-3500 K, Natural White 4000-4500 K, or Cool            White 6000-6500 K.

   G4 Rear Pin Disc Lamps can be ordered with 12mm pins (std.) or longer          25mm pins for Cantalupi and other fixtures.

   Customizing possible, please inquire.

   2 year warranty.